Friday, July 13, 2007

A HitchHiker's Guide To The Prestige

4 seconds is a lifetime. the words of al pacino in the movie 'any given sunday'. the movie that has one of the most inspiring speeches of all time. i will past the video on my blog to show you the strength in his words, despite his age. i never thought i would ever start a blog. i honestly didn't. i in my time have viewed too many blogs that are more the day to day accounts of non-existent lives. my believe was always that when you share with the world, share with it an experience. share with it, your love. share with it, that moment. the one that mattered. the one that made, all the difference.

that is what i intend to share with all that i have come to know and love over my lifetime. the things i discovered about myself. the times when life tore me apart. the times i put it back togather again. my love for my Guru. my passion for rock music, for what it has to say to me. my parents, for the role they played in my life. for saving it, one day at a time. my sister, whom i have come to greatly admire and miss. my cousins, whom i shall never let go. ever. my friends, without whom life's pleasures would cease to exist. my teachers, from all walks of life. this is my moment. this is what matters. and thus, does my story begin. with the first post.

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Harkiren Kaur said...

Welcome to blog-la-land!

I'm sure you will entertain us with much of your weirdness :)


I totally forbid you from posting any embarassing childhood photos, especially those involving me :)

Satnam and love1